Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So there!

For those of you complainers and whiners out there, you can just stop! I have achieved the mindblowing technological and organizational feat of posting my concert schedule online, on a dedicated Denksite. I know, I know; be dazzled by my internetitude at This is a temporary, bare-bones site, before I really get jiggy with it. For my target audience of hardcore readers who couldn't really give a crap about coming to any of my concerts, ever, I'm sorry; this had to happen; this boulder of practicality will only temporarily disrupt the stream of my arcane, obscure, intensely unmarketable musings.


Chris ( said...

Wow, Jeremy, I hadn't really fathomed what life must be like for you 'til I read through the schedule of the upcoming year+ of your life. That you can keep body, soul and art together while living like this is heroic. Going to try to send some family your (and Joshua Bell's) way in Aspen and Huntsville.

Will Smith's lawyers said...

Please note that any attempt on your part to get jiggy wit' it will result in swift legal action.

Canadienne said...

Wow. I thought my own travel schedule was tough. At least I usually get to unpack my suitcase for a week or two at a time. I am filled with new admiration. Wow.

Qais Al-Awqati said...

finalmente!! we know where to go and see/hear you. Bravo Bravo Arcibravo

Anonymous said...

WOW, it's a miracle! Was it my bitchiness that finally made you post the schedule? If that's the case, I have to say I feel special in a way. Everyone can go ahead and thank me now.

Lane Savant said...

Looking forward to hearing you play when you come to Seattle.
As far as explaining music in words, I find (having no musical education
whatsoever)any analysis to be confusing and distracting.
I recently had the oppertunity to hear a premier of Sam Jones' Tuba concerto twice, the first night I listened to the pre concert lecture in which Mr. Jones talked about the genesis and content of the piece. When I heard the piece all I heard was confusion, a mess of notes.
The second concert I ignored all the verbiage and listened for the music,
I heard it and it was lovely.
The only thing I've ever gotton from
musical analysis is the concept of
"returning to the tonic" which I'm sure I'm misunderstanding. It seems to me that any thing called a return
violates the "real life" temporal linearity of music, although it does seem a practical idea to remind audiences to go home.
Do feel free laugh at my ignorance.

Anonymous said...

See you in Scottsdale